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  1. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hey guys! New to the forum and Mustang ownership! Boy I hope I didn’t bite off more than I can chew lol Today I picked up a 1967 Mustang with the inline 6. He used a jack stand in wrong place and pushed the oil pan up so I already know that’s on my list to fix. Im hoping I can swap it out in...
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hi all, So as the title dictates, my 289 seems to bog when I put it into gear. Starts and idles fine, but as soon as I go into first gear, the car dies and feels like it's low in power. I can rev it fine and don't hear anything horrible when I rev it stationary. I don't believe there was...
  3. Engine, Drivetrain, and any other stuff For Sale
    Hey guys, I am selling a 4V intake manifold (E4TE-9425-BB) and a carburetor to go with it. (D2ZF-BB) The bridge has already been restored and pre-primed, so the can be painted in desired color. I can ship both. Let me know if you have any questions or interest. Cheers Sebastian
  4. Want Ads
    Building a budget 302 for a project. Engine is from a 1973 maverick. Looking for an intake manifold and carb, prefer edelbrock. Also looking for the rest of the bolt ons, power steering pump, pulleys, ect. thanks Located in California
  5. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hey everyone, first timer here. I was working on my carb and noticed I have two fuel filters. One is attached to the carb (pretty sure it's supposed to be there) and one is inline from the fuel pump to the filter on the carb. Could this be causing fuel starvation? I noticed I need to adjust to...
  6. Vintage Mustang Forum
    The air fuel ratio is good in park or neutral, but way too Lean when I'm in gear or holding the throttle. I'm talking off the charts, over 18:1. I think the carb has too small of a main jet (61), but I want expert opinions before I start swapping jets. 65 Mustang 200 six cylinder coupe with C4...
  7. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hi all, I had a 302 with a 600cfm carb from edelbrock. In the process of engine swapping to a 351w. In the mean time I bought new heads and a top end kit from edelbrock - I’m wondering if I need to get a different carb ? The person at the machine shop recommended 650/700cfm. Others said the...
  8. 1969 through 1970 Mustang Parts For Sale
1-8 of 8 Results