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  1. Want Ads
    My father needs either a 66, convertible, auto, non-AC console body or just a small piece of plastic from your broken console?? Do you have a busted console??? short story, dad wants to put his console back in but his is missing a plastic piece. He either needs a replacement shell (not...
    $1 USD
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    I recently got a console for my 1965 Mustang from Kentucky Mustang. The kit didn't have any instructions so I went looking for anything I could. I only found one video that was helpful (link below) but I really didn't like the way they installed the door. So I made this video. There are several...
  3. Want Ads
    I'am looking for a 1967 Automatic center console. I'm not picky about the condition. Should be complete. Just offer what you have! Would of course cover shipping Thanks, Paul
  4. Mod and Custom Forum
    Good afternoon guys and gals, I went to the local Pick-A-Part and got the full infotainment system from a 2014 Fiesta with Sync 2 to have the backup camera, sensors to add to my 67 Coupe. I also ordered a resin based 3d printer so I can fab the mounts for the parking sensors to the rear...
  5. Vintage Mustang Forum
    So I own a 1966 Mustang Coupe(289 C code), and my console lights are not working at all. The same goes for my storage area light(I have the design with the light on the back wall), as well as the automatic shifter light. I’ve used a test light to check for voltage in the blue/black wire that...
1-5 of 5 Results