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  1. 1965 Mustang Daily Driver

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    Hello everyone, My name is Jorge, I am 19 yrs old and I have a couple important questions. So I've been recently looking for Mustangs from 65-66 to find as a daily driver. I've found a couple and I'm actually going to go look at one on Saturday 6/4/2020. If purchased this is going to be my first...
  2. 66 coupe daily driver?

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    I have a 66 coupe with a 289 v8 4 speed. The body is in great shape other than some dings in the paint. When I picked up this car I was looking for a replacement for my daily driver. (Pos cobalt) but I saw the mustang and had to have it! So I picked it up and bought another pos for my main form...
  3. Need help- Want to daily drive a vintage Mustang

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    Hey everyone, so here's my situation: My SUV has served me well over the years living in New England but I am now at the Naval Academy and only get to drive anywhere on weekends or on leave, but driving is one of the few things I am able to do for fun (Annapolis is nothing but bars and...