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  1. Need Electrical Help - '69 base 302 - Dash resistor wire

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    I have searched forums and all over the web looking for the same exact issue but I can't seem to find a solution. I've examined my electrical diagrams but don't know what needs to be fixed here. My wire that powers my instrument panel is running really hot. It is marked as a resistor wire and...
  2. Electrical Issues with my 69 Grande Pt. 2

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello again While connecting the rear speakers to the stereo behind the dash, i felt the main harness was hot to the touch. Pulled out the dash and cut open the harness, and a violet wire was getting hotter than everything else, measures 40c (everything else 20c). Traced one end to the main...
  3. 65' Mustang Tail light wiring

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello, I've been working on my 65' Mustang and have completed in installing the American Autowire harness that closely resembles a stock harness. However, I can't seem to get the brake lights to work right. They come on at full brightness when I turn on my headlight. They also come one when I...
  4. 66 Mustang Keeps Cranking

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    So I have a 66 mustang and anytime i try and start it, it keeps cranking. I can turn it off by just turning the key to the off position. but if I leave it in the ON position the starter keeps cranking. Ive already taken the starter to auto zone to have it checked and it worked fine. My dad and i...
  5. Electrical Issues with my 69 Grande

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    I am in the process of restoring my 1969 Mustang Grande. Earlier today i installed the clock and main gauge cluster to test. All the lights worked fine as did the clock, with the ignition in the OFF position. When I turned the ignition to the ACCESSORY position, smoke began billowing out from...
  6. Electrical Help

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello I am a 21 year old working to get a 1966 auto 289 coupe back up and running. The car has been great mechanically but the wiring like most of these cars is a basket case. I have no lights in the dash, no flashing indicators, and no tail lights. The only way I know they have power is because...
  7. 72 mustang electrical problem

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    Hi so I have a 1972 mustang im working on. I re did the interior and swapped out the original 302 for another 302 I already had. Everything is in now but problem. The car won’t start. When you turn the key it’ll click at the starter solenoid but won’t crank. I wired everything...