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  1. Show me your engine bay!!

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Since my car is in pieces and I’m going to rebuild the 289, I need to get some ideas on how to “dress” the engine bay. I don’t want to end up with an abomination of blue, red, yellow, black and chrome - so pop your hoods! I’ll get it started ;)
  2. Roush 427 in 65 fastback?

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hey all-- Have a '65 fastback with a c4 that has had some minor upgrades over the years-- newer 302 crate replacement, front discs, radiator, bilsteins... A local garage had another old stang in for work and pulled a recently installed new 427 roush out of it. The owner (originally paid 17k or...
  3. Windsor 351 408 stroker build

    General Discussion (Non-Vintage Mustang)
    Hello im new hear and im not sure if this is the reight web site for my question but lets try. I bought a 351 windsor (engine nr: E4AE-6015-FA-6 7B21).I wanna swap it in to my Jeep M715. I allready made al the work to adapt it to the stock trannsmission but now i need to rebuild the engine. I...