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  1. Vacuum gauge

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    Quick help Recently put a new tank, new fuel lines in my 66 and rebuilt the carburettor and now it’s come to tuning. I know I need to connect the vacuum gauge to the intake manifold to get a reading but I’m not entirely sure where that is. If anyone has any links that show where it is or any...
  2. How to fix minor rust in engine bay

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    I am planning to make my engine bay look optimal and protect it. I have a 66 coupe. I have minor rust in the engine bay. Is there a way to treat this without major interventions? Which products and tools do I use?
  3. Whatcha' Got Under That Hood Mister?

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    LETS SEE WHATS UNDER THEM HOODS!! ENGINE JUNKY NEEDS HIS FIX! ? Im having a hard time deciding if I want to go vintage again or with a more modern look, so... Drop a pic or two so we can indulge in your prize/project. Goal of setup/styling for your motor I.E. - dragster, vintage, gasser, stock...