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  1. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hi all, I’m new here. I’m 21 and bought a 1967 mustang with a 302 in it almost 2 months ago. I just recently watched a car chase scene from the movie Bullitt and I’m just absolutely amazed from the sound Steve McQueen’s Mustang made. I was wondering 1) how did they get that sound and 2) is there...
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello. Anybody ever wrap portions of their exhaust where the gas line comes close? I have 2 spots where the fuel line is about 2-3 inches from the exhaust (only a couple inches long each then the line diverts). I am looking to keep the heat from these 2 spots instead of moving the line...
  3. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello everyone, first time posting on the forum. Hopefully I include enough details to get an answer. I have a 66 mustang, 302, t5, hydraulic clutch, stock motor mounts, and stock steering. I recently purchased Doug’s D611Y’s not realizing they wouldn’t clear the stock steering till I opened...
  4. Mod and Custom Forum
    So I've been thinking about how I want my Trans-Am inspired Deathtrap's exhaust to be set up, and I think I have a pretty good general idea. I want the exhaust to come out the side straight through the same way the Trans-Am's did, but I also want a muffler since this will be a street/track car...
  5. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Any recommendations on a 2" single exhaust Muffler for my "ice cream getter", 66 convertible that's better than the glass pack I inherited from the PO. I don't want anything obnoxious It's hard to chose when you can't sound test each one. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hey everyone, so my 67 Mustang has always had something of an exhaust smell. I recently got an AC installed and I noticed that the smell of fumes has gotten much worse. It's there when I roll the windows down but it even comes through the AC now when it's on. If I'm driving the car with the...
  7. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Just bought: Borgeson Power Steering Upgrade Kit 289/302/351W 1968-1969 It doesn't fit with the old headers I have. Has anyone here used this power steering box before? What did you do for exhaust on your 351w?
  8. Vintage Mustang Forum
    I plan on getting HiPo manifolds for my 65 that has a 302 and T5. Right now I have the stock log cast iron manifolds. I was wondering what people use for the flange to connect the rest of the exhaust system to the HiPo manifolds? I saw on summit scott drake has an h-pipe specifically for the...
  9. Vintage Mustang Forum
    I have a 65 coupe with a ‘91 302 and t5 (cable clutch) right now it has the original 65 manifolds on it since I was on a budget when I did the swap. I picked up a set of shorty headers which aren’t even close to clearing the shock towers. Cyl 5 Exhaust port to tower is ~2.75” and the header...
  10. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hey guys I’m hoping I can get some input on buying a set of stainless steel long tube headers for my 1967 Mustang with a 289 engine and manual transmission. The car had a set of Long tube headers on it when I purchased it but I do not know the brand. They Are extremely rusty, but fit well, do...
  11. Engine, Drivetrain, and any other stuff For Sale
    Brand new - summit - 3” collector to 2.5” pipe in the box pair w hardware flange and gasket And new in line 2.5” cut out pipes w hardware and cover - cut and clamp in or weld - $50 takes it all ( plus shipping ) I had to buy new Hedman set for cable clutch clearance
1-11 of 11 Results