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  1. Mod and Custom Forum
    Hey guys, Upgrading my 3-speed to a T5, MDL quoted me about $4k for the complete conversion and Currie the same for a rear end.... $8k seems a bit steep so I've been doing a bit of digging. And I've sourced a good 8.8" Explorer 3.73 31 spline rear end and a world class Borg Warner T5 for a...
  2. Mod and Custom Forum
    So I have a 1968 mustang with the 200ci 6 cylinder and the stock rear end and I'm currently in the process of getting all the parts for a 302 swap and I found a 1998 ford explorer with the 8.8 inch rear end with 373 gearing and Limited slip. And I wanted to know how hard would it be to swap...
  3. Mod and Custom Forum
    What's the pinion offset on the '71-73s? I've got a '71 Mach that I'm considering re-engining and even if I don't re-engine it I'm going to be fitting a tougher rear axle. However, sorting out an axle requires me knowing offset of the pinion from the centre line (rather than just in the...
1-3 of 3 Results