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  1. 66 fastback GT. emberglo, with parchment/palomino pony interior?

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    I was wondering, how rare is this paint and trim combination, the data plate reads V for emberglo and the trim code is F9 for parchment and polomino pony interior, I read a paper saying that emberglo only came with black pony/standard interior, and parchment and emberglo pony/standard interior...
  2. 1967

    1967 through 1968 Mustang Parts For Sale
    NOS in the box 1967 mustang instrument dash bezel. Bezel has been in sealed box until recently and was only opened for photographs. Has typical imperfections but absolutely no damage or cracks. Prefer meeting in person but will ship at buyers expense. Located in Canton, NC. 260 obo, trade on...
  3. My ‘66 fastback

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello all. I’m sure by the title you all know that I have a ‘66 fastback. I am doing a restomod and want a new engine in it (it had no engine when I bought it) and really want to put a 427 stroker in it. This is not a question of should I do it (I know the answer is probably no) but more a...
  4. 1970 Mach 1 CA Emissions Fuel Tank & Parts

    1969 through 1970 Mustang Parts For Sale
    I pulled these parts from my car several years ago and have kept in dry storage. Fuel tank, trunk mounted evap system, charcoal canister, and I think also have the filler neck for the tank and probably any other associated smaller parts. I can scope the tank to verify it's good condition. Will...
  5. Autolite 4300 carburetor for 1968 Mustang or Cougar 302 (J code) and manual transmission

    1967 through 1968 Mustang Parts For Sale
    Autolite C8ZF-C carburetor. Original equipment on 1968 Shelby GT350, Mustang, and Cougar "J" code 302 4-V engine with manual transmission. No observed defects or missing parts. Hard to find, only used one year. See Facebook ad for pictures. $125
  6. Old Blue, a 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Old Blue, a 1965 Mustang Fastback

    Father and son in progress restoration. Old blue is wearing its primer blue as we work out a few more mechanical bugs. Looking forward to doing body work and painting.
  7. WTB: 1965-1967 Coupe or Fastback Solid Body / Roller

    Classic Mustang Wanted Ads
    Looking for a solid '65-'67 Coupe of Fastback Roller. Does not need engine or anything, I just need a solid, original body with no rust. If you have a body with engine, etc. thats fine. I'm looking for this to be a restomod project. I know the price differences between the coupe or fastback, so...
  8. 67 mustang 289 Bogging down when accelerating

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    I have a 1967 mustang fastback 289 bored out to a 302 by the owner before me, the car starts right up no problem and idles great, the only problem Is when im at a complete stop and step on the gas, the whole car boggs down and sputters, then catches itself and finally kicks in, im going to the...
  9. Fastback roof fiberglass mold (no longer available)

    VMF Deals
    I am selling a fiberglass mold that makes a fastback roof for a 1964-66 mustang. The roof is designed to fit a standard convertible. The mold is located in Salt Lake City, I would like $10,000 for it but I am open to trades. Please email me at [email protected] for questions. I am also...