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  1. HELP Holley 2 Barrel EFI RPM Stall error 65 Mustang 289

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    Greetings- My 1965 Ford Mustang Convertible has a Holley Sniper EFI installed with Holley EFI Dual Sync Distributer, tank mounted electronic fuel pump, LCD reads RPM STALL error when trying to start after shop had the battery disconnected for a few hours and car has sat for a week plus...
  2. New school or Old school motor

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    I am in the process if a MAJOR re-build. I have a 68 coupe, original 6 cyl w/ 3 speed, that was tubbed, narrowed back in the 90's. Well, it's time to do it right and finish her. I have put in a Heidt's front IFS w/ disc brakes & power steering. I am currently putting in a 4 link in lieu of...