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  1. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hey looking for advice in concern to wire gauge for a 100 amp 1 wire alternator. Ive seen some forums say 8-10 gauge is fine and i've seen some say 2-4 gauge. I'm just curious for the people who have a 100 amp what are you guyts running gauge thickness wise.
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello All, it’s getting warmer here in Alberta Canada finally…. I’ve been noticing my temp gauge reading on the higher side and today I decided to take some manifold readings getting a reading of 214-221 degrees on the top of the manifold close to the sensor. I’m wondering if my sensor is bad...
  3. Vintage Mustang Forum
    I can't get the speedometer to thread back into the gauge cluster in my 65 coupe. I can get square ended speedo cable to set in place such that spinning it will make the speed indicator arm move when spun, but I can't get the big nut to thread onto the threaded shaft on the gauge cluster. It...
  4. Vintage Mustang Forum
    I am looking to install a three gauge cluster on my 65 mustang. It is the 3 speed 200 ci I6 coupe. Mainly to keep a close eye on oil pressure and temperature. Wanted to see if i should go mechanical or electrical and if anyone could link installation instructions that would be much appreciated...
1-4 of 4 Results