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help needed

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    I bought a 1965 coupe with 200ci 3.3L 6 cylinder a couple of months ago, and it was running great. I washed it and got water in the gas, and treated it. and it has had trouble getting started since. I changed the plugs, and put new gas in the hoses, but the only way it will start is if I prime...
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    Does anybody have advice on removing the stainless door edge trim/guard? My 66 coupe had it when I bought it, but I don’t like the look. Thought I would seek some sage wisdom before I jumped into attempting to remove it! Thanks!
  3. Mid Atlantic VMFers
    Hi everyone, I've got a 67 Fastback that needs new floor pans, wheel houses and rear quarter panels welded on. Can anyone reccomend a good quality shop that won't run me to the ground for it? I've tried a few "big names" in the Virginia Beach area but got quoted silly prices. Really...