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  1. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hi all, I am looking for saddle dash pad for my 1967 mustang and I can not find it any online store. Could you please advise how/where I can get it? Thank you in advance for your help and best regards!
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Finally installed my custom RGB LED gauge lights in my 68. Controlled by my iPad Via Bluetooth app. Check it out!! Let me know what you think. Negan's Garage
  3. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone has or had the same issue. When my Gas tank is filled half way or more, I am getting a strong smell of gas coming into my car when I drive. I just recently purchased the mustang.. Just wondering if this is something you have heard of. thanks, Sun
  4. 1964 1/2 through 1966 Mustang Parts For Sale
    I have black interior for 65/66 fastback with rear fold-down for sale. Included are (2) front bucket seats w/tracks, entire carpet, rear fold-down (upper/lower) seat. Also have box of all the brackets if need to convert to fold-down. All in very good condition, chrome trim is near excellent. $1200
    $1,200 USD
  5. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hi VMF experts! I love this place. I pulled apart my rear seat in my new old car today and found an old colony of mice behind the seat. Looks like Fievel didn't make it West!! Haha To the point: anyone know how to get the smell out of the seat insulation? My car smells of mouse piss and...
  6. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hey everyone! I’m new around here and new to the mustang world! I have a 73 fastback with a 351C and AC. I lucked up as the car actually runs and was garage kept. One of the mysteries with this car is the dash plate was removed (yes i know I know) but it’s a clean VIN and title so I’m good...
  7. 1967 through 1968 Mustang Parts For Sale
    any condition- it's going to be reupholstered or used as a model
  8. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Are bench seats original in a 66 mustang? I haven't seen one before with them at any shows or heard of them before. I bought a 66 mustang and I kind of like the idea of the bench seats in the front with the pull down arm rest after stumbling on one online. Since I have graduated and have spent...
  9. Mod and Custom Forum
    Happy Sunday, Just installed a new woodgrain steering wheel from GT Performance. What do you guys think? Share your steering wheel and shift knob set up! :)
  10. 1964 1/2 through 1966 Mustang Parts For Sale
    Bought long ago but did not use/install. I'm going a different direction wheel wise so I don't need it. There is a crack in the pad (see pic) but should not cause a problem. $120 + shipping obo from Northwest Indiana, or will meet in person if close. Thanks!
1-10 of 10 Results