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  1. C4 to 4 Speed: Parts List

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    I'm rounding the corner on ordering the final parts needed to stuff a top loader in my '67 and I wanted to get input on if I'm missing any parts. Yes, I've searched the forum for an actual TOPLOADER parts list and found nothing. Yes, I'm committing to a 4 speed over a T5. This car was...
  2. Manuals for 4.1L 6 cylinder

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    I have been relying on online searches and my mechanic grandfather's expertise to work on my restomod '69 Grande. However, I am no longer living super close to my grandpa and I am sick of searching the internet for hours and not even finding the right information. It is long past the time I...
  3. Unisteer rack with IdidIt column and LeCarra wheel on manual '65 fastback

    Mod and Custom Forum
    For this write up my approach is to share how I modified the set up to work for me and my 6’4” stature while also removing one of my 'ghosts in the machine'. A good amount of the work I have put into the car has actually been more tweaks or improvements rather than pure ground up building and...
  4. Borg Warner T10 4 speed for small block ford

    Engine, Drivetrain, and other stuff For Sale
    This came out of my 68 fastback. It is not original factory equipment for my car and I don't know what it came out of. I do know it was said to be rebuilt by the previous owner 3 years ago and the car when I purchased it had 400 miles after it was restored. I took the transmission out about a...