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  1. The Fox Hole
    I'm reaching out to different car forums to get the broadest response possible. I'm in the process of doing a complete re-wire of the internal wiring of my 88 mustang. I'm at the stage now of routing power. I definitely want to relocate the starter relay to the rear of the car where my battery...
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hey guys, my 1967 mustang was starting and driving fine. I just drove it my my friend's place and after 30 mins the car would not start. I turn the key and try pumping the gas petal but the engine will turn and then cut out after maybe 2 seconds. The battery is new. Not sure what else could...
  3. Mod and Custom Forum
    I am in need of some help with wiring my alternator - starter - battery in my 65 Mustang. I am doing a full restomod (car has been gutted and is being completely built back up) and can't seam to get a concise answer on the best way to wire my 140a 1-wire alternator with a PMGR Starter and my...
1-3 of 3 Results