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  1. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello group, I love my 1967, but there are some interior pieces in 1965 that i cannot live without. one of them being the 1965 OEM steering wheel, painted grip, shiny spokes, good looking horn button. 1967 has some ok wood grain options too, hey the shelby one looks cool, $2000.00? is that it...
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello all, My name is Jake, this is my first post here! I am looking for advice and recommendations. My issue is as follows: while driving my 1965 Mustang the other day, the center horn cap on what appears to be a ~10-15 y/o Grant steering wheel popped off and the horn was stuck in an on...
  3. Vintage Mustang Forum
    So considering changing my wheel.. perfect working rimblow, with no cracks to it just wondered what its worth.. I think its original.. Thanks Pete
  4. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hello All, I have a deluxe steering wheel that I am refurbishing. My current plan is to sandblast the spokes and re-chrome it. The wood-grain wheel itself has been removed and will be replaced later. My question is can anyone recommend a product that I can use to re-chrome the spokes?
  5. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hoping you all can help me. I'm seeing all kinds of wood steering wheels available (both wood and plastic/simulated). And, for each I see varying reviews. What I'm looking for is the best woodgrain (either real wood or simulated) steering wheel to match the original look as best as possible...
  6. Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hi, I am new to the forum, and to classic cars. (I am 17 years old). I just purchased a 66 coupe, and we noticed a little puff of smoke coming from the wires, which we saw because the horn button fell off. The horn doesn't honk, (except for a sad, half-honk when I turn the wheel to the right)...
  7. Vintage Mustang Forum
    So I took 3 short videos to show you my issue. I have no idea how to verbally explain it.
  8. Want Ads
    I am in need of a horn ring spacer. I have the wooden steering wheel. Does anybody have the part for sale or know of a replacement I might be able to use? Part number: C702-13A865-D
1-8 of 8 Results