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  1. Mod and Custom Forum
    Hello to all. I have a 66 notchback that I am finally beginning to work on. I have owned it since 02/03. I am converting the C4 to the T5 with a 306 roller. I just purchased a t5 for $200. It was out of a 86 asc mclaren with 64k. The seller couldn't get the number off the tag. I met the seller...
  2. Vintage Mustang Forum
    So I’ve bought an ‘87 world class T5 that came out of a foxbody and I need to rebuild it as the input and counter shafts have ground gears, but the main shaft is totally perfect. The guy said to get a bearing kit as well. The engine I’m mating this up to is stock, so would I still have to get a...
  3. Classic Mustang Wanted Ads
    I want to do a t5 swap for my ‘70 mustang with a ‘91 302 in it but I can’t seem to find a t5. I’m looking to buy one for up to around $450 if it’s the tranny alone. My budget for the whole swap is roughly $1,500 so I’m trying to keep it somewhat cheap. If anyone has anything available or knows...
1-3 of 3 Results