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t5 transmission

  1. Want ‘91 T5 Transmission with bellhousing and other parts if possible. Have a C4 for trade and other miscellaneous parts

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    I want to do a t5 swap for my ‘70 mustang with a ‘91 302 in it but I can’t seem to find a t5. I’m looking to buy one for up to around $450 if it’s the tranny alone. My budget for the whole swap is roughly $1,500 so I’m trying to keep it somewhat cheap. If anyone has anything available or knows...
  2. 1965 Mustang Power Brakes

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    I’ve got a 1965 Mustang Coupe I’m building. Factory 289 car. I’ve got a 302 I’m about to build with a T5 cable clutch to go behind it. I’m wanting to add power brakes. Not doing many mustangs in the past. Any suggestions on affordable brake boosters and master cylinders that will not interfere...