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    It’s been super long that my thermostat won’t stop leaking no matter what I do. I even bought a new thermostat and replaced it but still the same problem. Tried putting the sealer around the thermostat so stop to leak but even that doesn’t work. Tried both ways ... with or without gasket...
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    I have a 1965 mustang with a 302 in it. I recently had it rebuilt and bored out .030. I have a 3 row aluminum radiator that was checked out by a radiator shop and cleaned out. Mechanical 5 blade fan and shroud 180 Mr.Gasket Thermostat Autometer Electric gauge New water pump No A/C No Power...
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    I have a 351w where i have replaced the thermostat. I'm worried that i did not replace it correctly or that some parts are incorrect. Because after installation (torqued to spec). If i reach through the thermostat housing i can wiggle the thermostat a little bit. Is the thermostat supposed...
1-3 of 3 Results