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  1. Engine, Drivetrain, and any other stuff For Sale
    I have a 4 Speed Toploader for sale with approx. 500mi on it. It is a HEH-BT Close ratio. I also have a bellhousing for it and all the linkage. I am replacing it with an Astro A5. Asking $1600
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    I'm rounding the corner on ordering the final parts needed to stuff a top loader in my '67 and I wanted to get input on if I'm missing any parts. Yes, I've searched the forum for an actual TOPLOADER parts list and found nothing. Yes, I'm committing to a 4 speed over a T5. This car was...
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    Hello, I have a 1965 mustang with a 5 bolt 289. I am currently trying to gather parts to swap out the c4 for a four speed toploader. I was wondering if I can buy any toploader (close or wide ratio) and have it bolt up to my 5 bolt manual transmission bell housing. I already have the bell housing...
  4. Engine, Drivetrain, and any other stuff For Sale
    All, I have a 4 speed toploader for sale located in Maryland. Ford Toploader 4 speed transmission Body casting # : C5AR-7006-D Tail casing # : C70R-7A040-A Shaft size: 1 3/8 (shorter shaft) Spline count: 28 $800.00 Cash sale only Gears inside the case look good, and the data plate is missing...
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    I am looking to swap out my 3-speed for a 4-speed toploader in my 1965 mustang. The problem I’m having is locating one, either rebuilt or not. Like always I have been told to check on eBay, but still no luck. My question is where would be the best place to look? Any help is appreciated.