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  1. HEH-BT Toploader

    Engine, Drivetrain, and other stuff For Sale
    I have a 4 Speed Toploader for sale with approx. 500mi on it. It is a HEH-BT Close ratio. I also have a bellhousing for it and all the linkage. I am replacing it with an Astro A5. Asking $1600
  2. Manual Transmission went out on 66 K code gt

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Recently my original transmission on my 66 gt k code went out. I originally thought it was the differential, but from driving it around today it’s for certain the trans. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out the best option; buy a new transmission, or rebuild it. It’s a 4 speed...
  3. Pressure Plate hits Bell Housing after Transmission Swap on 1970 Mustang 428

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    Hi everyone, this is a warning to everyone attempting to do a transmission swap on a 1st generation Mustang. We ran into this yesterday evening ... and it scared the bejesus out of us. It should have been easy to avoid, if we were made aware at any point in any instruction manual of the many...
  4. Lokar Floor Mount Shifter Install

    Mod and Custom Forum
    Hope everyone is doing well! I have never been a huge fan of the factory shifter in 67-68 cars. I've used a couple of different cable systems over the years, but I didn't exactly like how they looked or felt in the car. I finally finished my Lokar floor mount shifter. It took longer than...
  5. SOLD! T5 transmission - price reduced!

    Engine, Drivetrain, and other stuff For Sale
    Low mileage T5 with Pro 5.0 shifter. Pulled this to do a higher HP upgrade. Can handle 300 ft-lbs. Very clean and shifts perfectly. Bellhousing, hydraulic reservoir, and trans mount not included. Edit: I see that you can get some units on eBay for around the same price I listed, so I dropped my...
  6. 65 Mustang Transmission

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    I have a 65 mustang straight 6 200 and I’m doing some work on it. Took out the engine and the trans from the car separately. i was putting a new trans pan and filter on and i flipped the transmission over and out fell this random piece from inside the transmission pan area and i have no idea...
  7. Borg Warner T10 4 speed for small block ford

    Engine, Drivetrain, and other stuff For Sale
    This came out of my 68 fastback. It is not original factory equipment for my car and I don't know what it came out of. I do know it was said to be rebuilt by the previous owner 3 years ago and the car when I purchased it had 400 miles after it was restored. I took the transmission out about a...
  8. 1969 coupe 351w auto will not engage in drive

    Vintage Mustang Forum
    My mustang reverses fine but when put in drive it won’t move at all. When I down shift it to 1st gear it will engage then and 2nd gear works fine. But just when I put it actually in drive it won’t go at all. Someone please help
  9. MD: toploader 4 speed for sale

    Engine, Drivetrain, and other stuff For Sale
    All, I have a 4 speed toploader for sale located in Maryland. Ford Toploader 4 speed transmission Body casting # : C5AR-7006-D Tail casing # : C70R-7A040-A Shaft size: 1 3/8 (shorter shaft) Spline count: 28 $800.00 Cash sale only Gears inside the case look good, and the data plate is missing...