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Just recieved this e-mail from Mustang Club of Ohio.

IM Ron Gallagher "Mustang Club of Ohio" President.
We are having our "All Years Mustang Club of Ohio" show Sunday Aug. 24th at Krieger Ford 1800 Morse Rd. Columbus, Ohio.
Registration $10.00 10am to 1pm Awards at about 4:00pm
Now, the Great news, Doug Krieger informed me that he spoke with Ford Motor Co.
and they are bringing in two 2005 Concept Mustangs for our Show. Both the Conv. and Coupe. We generally bring in about 125 pony's but because of the 05 Pony's expect many more cars..............

Ron Gallagher

I attended this last year, and it was a pretty good show. I was curious if any other VFMer has heard of it, and plan on attending.My fastback is still in pieces on the garage floor, :( so Ill just be going as a spectator.
I think swmbo is more excited about the new 05's than I am.It is time to get rid of the Jeep, and she said to hold off another year, and get a new mustang ::...where do I put my order in at! ;) :D ::
If anyone is planning on attending, let me know...always up for meeting new people. :D

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