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Have you ever run your mustang at the 1/4 mile strip?
How did you do?
What car (do you have aftermarket mods)?
I am just curious and have not seen a thread like this so far.

1966 GT 350 Clone
289 (rebuilt with JE, Eagle, Arp)
Edleborck RPM Heads, RPM Air Gap intake,
Comp Cams hyd roller, Crane Golds,
Holley 650 DP, Hookers 1 5/8, Dual exhaust w/ X Pipe, T-10, 3:55's

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last best run was:
14.6 @ 95mph
on street tires
67 coupe small block 4 speed
roller cam, heads, headers, cobra intake, holley 650 dp, carter hiflow fuel pump, 9 inch rearend 3.89 gears 245x60r14 tires, gt dual exhaust, and some more I am forgetting. I am shooting for low 14s

67 mustang coupe
70 mustang mach 1
88 mazda/ford mx-6

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With the coupe that I had I ran 12.7 with a 302. It's got an Isky cam and roller rockers, 10.5:1 compression, ported 289 heads, single plane manifold, holley 650 dp, 3000 stall speed, 4.11 gears, pretty well stripped of all excess weight, no fan belts (electric water pump and fan). That most of the mods, there's should be some others, but that's all I can think of at the this time.

I'm waiting to get my fastback down to the track. The 351W that I've got in it, makes the 302 pretty weak.

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66 fastback 351W

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'68 Coupe: 13.68 at 100 mph. 289 w/ stock bottom end, 351W heads, mild cam, Ford Alum hi rise w/ Holley 650. Shorty Headers w/ 3 chamber flowmasters, and 3:55 limited slip rear end. Oh, I forgot it had a "mild" nitrous kit at the time. Nitrous has now been replaced w/ a Holley 174 Powercharger blower. Have not run it with the blower yet, but it runs gooooood!

427 Cobra Replica: 12.79 at 110 mph. Fuel Injected 5.0 w/ Paxton Supercharger, larger injectors, mass air and throttle body. TFS Aluminum heads, and Doug Nash 5 spd. Zero Traction!

'65 Convertible (Future '66 Shelby clone). Have not run yet, don't see the point. Stock 302 2v, but not for long. Stock motors are boring!

'68 Coupe, Modified 289 w/ Holley blower
'65 Convertible (future 66 Shelby GT350 clone)
427 Cobra Replica

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Nope, not me...*G*

See my race car page for details on that ride...

D-coder...mid-high 15's @ 85mph.... that was back when I first added the Cobra manifold and shorties...haven't raced it since '95

'67 289/C4 street racer...14.00's @ 100 with 4.62's and 14.50's @ 95 with 3.50's....that was back in the late 70's...

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