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1" Drop

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I've been looking into doing a 1 " drop on my 66 I6 vert project by using 620 coil springs and mid-eye leaf springs. Will there be enough weight up front with the I6 to accomplish this or should I be looking in another direction?

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The drop comes with buying a shorter spring, not having a heavier engine. Although, obviously a heavier engine would compress the spring...

I bought a set of 620's from M+. They were supposed to lower the car 1". The old springs were so worn out that it was already sitting low so I still have to cut the new spring. I have about 2" of tire to fender clearance!
Those 620 springs sound pretty stiff for an I-6. Are all of your teeth fillings cemented in real good? Maybe you can do the "Shelby" drop in the front to match your mid eye rear springs? As a lower cost option (no pun intended) you can use lowering blocks in the rear to drop the rear.
The shelby 1" drop does not lower the car. It may lower up to 1/2" ... note the word MAY. The shelby drop changes the geometry, not the ride hight.

I have th 620 springs in both my '66 and my son's '65 and love them. They are both v-8's though, so don't know if I'd still love them with a I6, but I don't think the I6 is that much lighter than a V8, is it?
The guy didn't say he was doing the shelby mod. Just the lower springs. The lower springs will drop the car about an inch. But they are V8 springs, so on his 6, maybe not quite that much.
Thanks to everyone for the input. I will use the mid-eye leaf springs as the stock ones that I have are shot. I'm still unsure about using the 620's but I guess i can cut the spring down if it does not settle to the right height.

I am certain the Sheby drop changes the front suspension geometry and drops the car a little less than one inch. If you put in new springs at the same time it is very likely the new springs also compensates for old or worn out springs. The negative wedge kits drop the front a little more or about one inch. I also removed one-third turn on the front springs to get about 1 1/2" drop total. Together with the reverse eye (4 1/2 leaf) rear springs the whole car dropped about 1 1/2" all around on my 1967 convertible. I used the Eibach progressive rate springs on the front with an adjustable rate Stamm front sway bar for a very smooth ride and flat high speed cornering. I have done similar modifications to several Mustangs.

I am also certain six cylinder Mustangs are one or two hundred pounds lighter than the V-8's. It is not only the engine but the suspension parts, radiator, exhaust, etc. I did convert a 1965 six cylinder coupe to a V-8 including V-8 front suspension, etc. and Granada front disc brakes and Granada 8" rear axle.
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Why not just cut off a coil off your existing springs? Its free other than a little labor and will get you the ride height you want with a little work.
The stock Mustang front end geometery does not keep the front tires flat to the road during cornering. The "Shelby" drop which is a geometery change corrects most of that and lowers the car also. This change helps cornering and vastly improves how the car feels to the driver.
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