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Well, I did it. I got the my '65 convertible completely back together and it passed it's first test drive with flying colors. I even got my two oldest boys (8 & 6) to help me wash it. After 7 months in the barn, it was the dirtiest it has ever been in the 5 years I've owned it.

OK to sum up "Project While I'm at it": This was my WINTER project to put in new carpet, reupholster the seats, and install 3 point seat belts up front. By the time I finished (6:00 pm today) I had done those things as well as:

Refurbish Console
Replace Shifter lever and knob
Replace driver's side rear frame rail & torque box
Replace driver's side trunk floor and drop off
Replace wood trunk filler board
Patch inner wheel well, also driver's side
Patch floor pan under driver's seat
Replace driver's side convertible brace
Install TCP Subframe Connectors
Replace rear brake shoes
Replace main fuel line (pump to tank)
Replace rear brake line (Proportional valve to Axle)
Replace rear vent hose
Repaint rear axle assembly as well as all the other sheet metal installed.
Replace fuel sending unit and in tank filter.
Completly redo exhaust (it hit the TCP braces)
Replace 1 tire (somehow the sidewall got damaged)
Install new pony floor mats
Replace tail light lens (got my kids to put those in for me. /forums/images/icons/wink.gif)
Replace entire back up light assemblies
Replace license plate (it expired during the project /forums/images/icons/frown.gif)

Plus all the stuff that goes with the above (like learning how to MIG weld, so I could install all the sheet metal). And almost every bit of it was made worse by RUST, including having to rebuild the seat frames before I could even begin to reupholster. But like I've said before, if this stuff was easy, everybody would do it.

Thanks to all on VMF that provided loads of valuable advice and moral support. I'm sure AT LEAST a couple of dozen people took the time to post back on my questions and updates. I really apprecitate it. This board ROCKS, and I wouldn't even have attempted half the stuff I did without VMF. You know, the fact that humans are tool users is what sets us apart from the animals. This board is the best tool I've got in my box. Thanks everyone and especially Bob for making it great.

And thank God SWMBO has the patience to let me continue to work on the car.


BTW...I owe you guys some pictures and a post on the Andover 3 point belts. I'll get that done in the next couple of days. They are in and work great. The only major "gotcha" was I had to weld the attachment points in at the "b-piller"...AND I had to butcher by rear quarter trim for the bolts there. The holes don't show once you have the shoulder belt guides mounted in the car, but the car cannot be returned to original condition without repairing the holes. I'm never going to take them that's would be someone else's problem now wouldn't it. But something you might consider before buying the Anodover kit. That "Pony Concepts" kit, or whatever they call themselves, doesn't require that I don't think, but it was twice the money. As I say, I'll post some pics and provide full details later.

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You once again, have done a spectacular job. Congradulations. You need to reward yourself and your family with a road trip! Maybe to Disneyland, so I can see your car in person!

Once again, congradulations!

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Well done! You've ended up with a real beauty; you should be proud. And you have Sunday to drive around /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

I would definitely like to see your Andover seat belt installation.

I just did roof mounts in my '66 coupe. I would like to see how they contrast.
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