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Checking my eletrical system before I start my engine and in the run position the starter solenoid (new) clicks and supplies 12 volts to the starter. The starter cable is not hooked up. All the electrical is new (VR, solenoid, alt, starter), most the underhood wiring. The VR and Solenoid are the dreaded NOS repos that people seem to have a lot of problems with.
I did remove the ignition switch at one point to paint the column andI think I remember it being slotted for adjustment. Does it have adjustment??
Also my Alt, oil and water temp warning light to not flash when keying on as they should.

I measured the two terminals that plug into the front of the Starter solenoid.
Brown wire (front terminal)-- 0 volts at key off, 12 at run position, 12 at start position.
Blue/red stripe (rear terminal) 0 volts at key off, 9 volts at run, 12 volts at start.
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