Now that I'm out of the 65-66 market I'm selling off the parts I just cleaned out of my storage. Includes:

  • 2003 Cobra Calipers - used, still have COBRA logo on them
  • 13" Drilled and slotted rotors - Brand New
  • Mustang Fox Body aluminium master cylinder, distribution valve with lines still attached
  • Adjustable proportional valve
  • Front hoses - used braided
  • Mustang Steve COBRA-FT bracket kit for 65-73 Mustangs - new in box
  • Bag of fasteners, pushrod,

The brakes were removed from my old '90 GT Mustang and were planned to go onto my old '66. I have the matching rear Cobra calipers as well if you want a 4wdb setup using all ford parts (no mounting brackets)

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