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I bought a set of Anza Basket Wire Wheels from this "restorer guy" and he told me they were 15 x 7's.
However, I found out today that they're in fact 14 x 6's (all 4- despite having '15x7' written on them).
In any case, I have bought the tires for 15 x 7's and have to either sell the tires or try to sell these and get bigger rims.
So, bottom line, here's the deal: since they seem to be in good shape and period correct (for aftermarket wheels) would anyone be interested in trading them for 15 x 7 wheels? + $$ of course, or buy them outright for $100 ?
I can get pictures of them by Monday and they did come off a '68 fastback so they do fit the early fords.
I would prefer someon locally as the wheels are heavy, but would consider shipping.
I also have a set of 14x5 cougar wheels with 19570R14 tires and red mustang center caps on them that are currently on the Pony ... would someone trade those (they're in daily driver condition and are, as far as I know original) with tires for
15 x7's w/ or w/o tires? or maybe both sets of rims for TD's ... I'm open to suggestions.
Thought I'd give you all a shot.
The tires... I'm inclined to hold on to them, but...
anyway, sorry to make this post so long.
e-mail me at [email protected]
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