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Somebody asked if a 20" tire will fit and the reply was that people are having problems getting 16" tires to fit.

I wouldn't do this myself even if I had the money but a 215/35/19 is a little smaller than a 215/60/14. A 235/35/19 is smaller than a 235/60/14.

If you could find a good looking 19" wheel with the correct offset, I don't see why it wouldn't fit.

It wouldn't fit my pocketbook!

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Just wanted to say that my experience with 18s on my 2000 GT has taught me that it really is the limit for a car that gets any type of driving. I've already scrapped one tire (only 200 miles on it) because I picked up a screw (you can't patch or plug tires this size). And it is a major pain in the @ss finding someone who will mount 18s and then someone who will balance them.

These super size tires are for show only and/or decked out SUVs where you can run a higher profile than 35.

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