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Well, first, I already checked the main sources:

I also found this chart:

The ultrastang info has a cutoff of 1959. And mentions 1960 Tbird stuff.

I've found a 1960 Galaxie rear. But I don't know about the flange width. I measured the perches, and they don't seem to be 43".

Does anyone know if the 1960 flange width is the same as the 1957-59 (ford big cars)?

The bigger question is the bearing size. I'm trying to determine if its "large" or "medium".

Anyway. I guess I was looking for some "hints" before I tear the thing apart before I buy it.

I need to check the data plate (I hope its there), cuz the guy won't sell the rear without the gears, and 2.91 ... I don't want to pay more for crappy gears like that. I do think its a WAR case, doesn't mean much to me, but maybe to some restorer somewhere.

Anyway. Thanks for any help.

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