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I have been having some real problems getting a 1964-1/2, 170Ci, I6, C4-Auto running. I think the rebuilt carburetor in it is the problem... No matter what, it stalls once the car is warm.
I think I have figured out that it is the wrong Autolite 1100 Carb in it. This one does not have the Anti-stall dashpot, required for an automatic transmission. So I think it is the autolite 1100 for a manual. Am I right? Does anyone know what carburetor I would need to order/look for? (8 different part no's for the 170 Autolite 1100!)
The car is a 1964.5 170ci inine six, c-4 Auto transmission, Positive Crankcase. NO AC, Auto-choke
I believe the FORD AUTOLITE 1100 Carb number is one of the following -


Is it any one specific or are all of these interchangable for my car? Thanks for any help!
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