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I have been researching the various years indy Pace Cars for years collecting information and have started compiling the 1964 race and have some questions.

Unfortunately, with all Pace Cars, info becomes repeated over and over that may not be true, but becomes fact. I would like answers with actual facts, not "What I heard".

First, the Festival Cars. A little history on these. After the 1957 race a group of Indianapolis businessmen got together to help promote the race and plan activities around it. They are called the 500 Festival Associates, and 33 Directors are selected for various functions-33 to match the number of drivers that qualify for the race. Each year the Festival Directors are given a car to use for the month or two prior to the race, usually getting them around the middle of March. These cars are not always the same model as the Pace Car-in 1960 the Oldsmobile Ninety Eight was the Pace Car but that along with Olds 88s were Festival Cars.In 1962 the Studebaker lark Daytona was the Pace Car, and also the Festival car. However, so not to flood the local market with exact cars, the Larks had a variety of interior colors. IN 1963 the new Chrysler Pacesetter was the actual Pace Car, but the Festival Cars were plain Chrysler 300s, in a variety of colors. In 1978 the Corvette was the Pace car, but Monte Carlos and Camaros were the Festival Cars.

For 1964 the "New model Ford" was introduced as the new Pace Car in a press announcement on February 12-not mention of the name Mustang. The name "Mustang" was announced as the Pace Car February 16. The only picture was of the experimental Mustang. It was also announced the car would be introduced to the public at the New York Worlds Fair on April 13, a full 9 days before the Worlds Fair opens April 22. On March 20, the 33 Festival Directors were awarded Ford Galaxie convertibles, as well as one for the 500 festival Executive Director and also one for the festival Queen. They had lettering on the sides designating it as an Official Car. It was announced at this time the cars would be turned in after the public introduction of the Mustang and the group would receive new white Mustang Convertibles. The first week of May 51 new white Mustang convertibles were delivered to the track from Ford not local dealers. Besides the festival Directors, other local dignitaries received a car to use, from the Governor, Mayor, Police Chief, and track officials.There were an additional 16 Mustangs provided by local dealers as "loaner cars" and also display cars, being displayed at the airport and a few platforms around the track. These were not white converts, and some were even hardtops and different colors. At the end of the race the cars were sent to an auction. Sometimes cars are stripped of all decals, sometimes not. Is there documentation these were all stripped? Is there documentation these all went to Kentucky? Where did this info come from? Somewhere there was a list of cars with VINs, key numbers, and to whom the car was assigned. For many years these are possibly lost in time but one never knows when they ay turn up. The Indy Museum or the 500 Festival Associated do not have these lists. These cars had a variety of interior colors for the same reason as Studebaker-so as to not flood the market with exact same cars. Does anyone have a VIN of any of these cars? And Ford did not swap from the galaxy to the Mustang because of "Mustang Madness" at the time. The Mustangs were not even out yet when the decision was made, so that is not true.

There were three Pace Cars. They are consecutive VINs and one is known to exist. I could find zero evidence stating which car was the actual Pace Car. Is there any documentation?

There were hardtop Replicas used as part of a sales promotion. These were all exactly the same, and easy to identify with the "C: paint code. I have collected VINs of 90 cars plus the three Pace Cars. The lowest VIN is 11568 made April 13. I've seen written all over the last car was VIN 123807 but I have one higher: 127096 made April 29. The latest built date is May 1. It is written these were the last ten, made because of a number of ties in the contest. these all had the DSO 84-Home Office reserve. So my questions:

Is there documentation stating 180 plus ten were made? I've read there were 36 zones, and 5 for each zone equals 180, plus ten for the ties. I found a listing of 37 zones-if this is true it doesn't make sense.

The winners of the Checkered Flag promotion were given a car and flew out to pick it up. There are a variety of pictures of the dealer accepting keys from Lee Iacoca. There is a photograph showing about 100 or so cars in a parking lot with a group of dealers out front. The second place dealers were part fo the Green Flag promotion. They would get a discount on a car, but were not invited to Dearborn to pick it up. That would leave 85 cars. Is there a list of VINs somewhere? I have seen references about a VIN registry but have not found one. I also read there is a dealer list of the contest winners. Is this available anywhere?

I also have some contemporary newspaper accounts that confuse the issue even more:

A photo showing at least 21 cars for the Indianapolis District. Also article on Bob Miller AutoSales one of 24 dealers presented a new mustang Pace Car.

Robert Addy or Bob Addy Ford is one of 33 dealers in the Cleveland District to receive identical Ford Mustang Pace Cars (with photo showing 4 cars). Another article states Bob Shaefer Ford from Salem Ohio was also one of these 33 dealers.

Sancor Motors of Sante Fe was one of 15 (out of 50) dealers to receive a Mustang Pace car (with photo)

Conn: Stevens Ford of Milford and Keating Ford of Stratford were two of 29 dealers. (With photo of about 15 cars)

Wray Bros of Los Angeles accepts keys of Mustang Pace Car. (with picture)Miller Ford sales one of 51 out of 144 dealers to get a Pace Car (with picture). Sun Motors (with picture)

Cape Canaveral Motors won Pace Car (with picture)

28 Chicago area dealers win cars, to include Anderson Brothers and Murphy Motors (with picture of 9 cars)

Some 23 Ford dealers in Jacksonville District...

13 area Denver dealers (with photo)

El Paso Ford (with picture)

New Haven Motors, St Louis wins car (with picture)

Brillion Auto of Brillion WI (with picture)

Nashua Auto N Hampshires only dealer to win a car (with picture)

Lambertt Motors in Lebanon wins car

33 dealers in Jacksonville..

Erwin Ford, Salinas, CA one of 15 N Calif dealers. Dunning Motor Co also one of 15.

Shepard Ford of Buffalo

This ads up to 254 cars and it does not include every area.

Have a few photos of the presentation in Dearborn. It looks like Iacoca stood next to the same car as the dealers approached and were given their keys.

Anyone have any information that may help? Thanks

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There is a member who freqents the forum who owns one. Once in a while he shows up here at the VMF. Good luck with your search.
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