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Looking for some "loose parts" NOT complete consoles! I have a specific list of wants/needs, and, if someone here is reading this wanted ad, and is "looking to retire on the sale of individual items", they can spare their time and mine and not bother!!!

Bodies List:
1967-1968 White console base (a/c or not o.k.)
1967-1968 green console base (a/c or not o.k.)
1971-1973 green console base
1971-1973 blue console base
1965-1966 red console base (a/c or not o.k.!)

I am good with these console bases needing some work (cracked or screw holes blown out), but NO missing chunks! I am also good with these console bases having been painted a different color... Just need them to be originally these colors!!!

Parts list:
1970 (no cig. lighter, that is a 1969 part) storage compartment boxes. Could use two!
1965-1966 original woodgrain long top metal plates A little fade on color o.k. A stud or two broken off, not the end of the world!
1968 radio pad in green color (can not have tears) Micro crack can be worked around, but will need a picture or two in advance...
1968 radio pad in black color (can not have a tear) micro crack can be worked around, but will need a picture or two in advance...
1967-1968 auto trans shifter dial part. Will need at least two of the three under-side positioning bars in tact.
1967-1968 Mustang (no holes version, that is a Cougar part) auto shifter plate. Must have the rear tab!! :)
1970 (no seat belt holes, that a 1969 part) shifter plate. Should have reasonable chrome around the edges.

Look, I am reasonable and I know these parts are old and NOT perfect! I also know most of this stuff can be bought new, but those parts are not quite 100% in my book. Mostly from the texture and fitment end... I also know a lot of us are sitting on partial consoles and could use some parts themselves, so we could also trade stuff to help each other. These parts I am looking for will help complete partial consoles I have. For as much as that goes, between two of us (either direction) we could complete one and both of us will be without partials...
There is probably other parts I could use, but for now I can not think of them. I will be back to amend this list as I remember. Best way to contact me is directly, especially if pictures are involved. [email protected] Com
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