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Here is a brain teaser for you!
On my 65 coupe the passenger side brake and turn signal light works. On the drivers side the turn signal and brake light does not work. I hooked up a meter to the drivers side wires and the meter registers a pluse (turn signal) between 12 and 14 volts. So, you think that it is in the bulb or socket housing. Well, I wired up the passenger side wires to the drivers side and the bulb flashes proving that the bulb and houseing are good.
I can even wire up the drivers side wires to the drivers side housing and use the meter to touch the contact points in the socket and get a reading on the meter, but when I put the bulb in it does not flash.

Try and fighre this one out!!!!!


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The contacts inside the socket can get twisted out of alignment so that when you install the bulbs, they do not have contact.

Take a look at the contacts in the socket and make sure they are aligned so that when the bulb is inserted AND TWISTED into locking position that the alignment will be correct.

I bet you've got a couple pretzels in there!
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