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Hi All,

I am a longtime VMFer, but have been dormant since sometime during graduate school. Until then, I did all of the work on this original V8 '65 hardtop, aided by folks here on the VMF. You can track progress through my post history.

Being a hearty New Englander I have meticulously rust-proofed this car with heavy doses of POR-15, PPG epoxy primer, and epoxy seam sealer throughout. All of the metalwork and bodywork are complete. It is ready for a final blocksand and paint. It has been upgraded with SSBC disc brakes up front, 5.0L, T-5, torque boxes, subframe connectors, etc. Sidenote: I think the subframe connectors were hand fabricated and popular for a while on here, but I can't remember where I got them--PM me if they look familiar.

I have lots of images and detailed description here.

The Craigslist price is $5300 (see ad here). The VMF price is $4900.

I would really prefer this car to go to a VMFer who will properly complete the project.



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