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1965 Convertible bow 2 + 3 listing retainer screws

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I am just finishing up my convertible top install. Bow 2 and 3 have metal strips that go thru loops in the convert top and then get screwed to the bow
I cannot find the old screws - does anyone know what size they are?
I can get them from NPD - Item # 50156-1AK
But I need them quickly - and I sould be able to get them locally?

Thanks for any info
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more info on those screws:
Bows 2 and 3 don't use tack strips. They have listing strips that are in sleeves in the new top. These sleeves fit down into the channels on bows 2 and 3 and attach with small screws from underneath c

I was looking for the size of them but I will order them from NPD now
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