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I have a 65 mustang coupe that I bought with the intention of restoring, and life got in the way - I've got a little boy and a little one on the way. The car is definitely on the back burner at this point.

All this is what I've been told; with old cars, the stories get long and may not be accurate.

The good - original 289 engine, rebuilt c4 transmission, neither leaks. New alternator and radiator. I just bought a new battery and fuel pump for it. Steering is tight. Front floorpans and cowl have been replaced. Seats covers are in good condition. Interior metal has been nicely painted with a gloss black. Tires have a good bit of life left in them. There are chromed valve covers and air filter. Nothing more than surface rust; frame looks good.

The bad - few dings in the car, nothing a reasonable body shop couldn't take car of. It has an awful paint job. Car was originally caspian blue; it is white with a few areas primered now.

The interior of the car is removed - I have a 65 and 66 speedometer, a full length console, and boxes of miscellaneous parts. I know that a headliner, door panels, and carpet will be needed. Bumpers have some rust - I was going to drive as is, but you may want to rechrome.

I have miscellaneous other parts including the original steering wheel, two other front fenders, and what I think are the original valve covers.

The car fires up and has been driven short distances without any problem. I have most of the chrome off at this point, as it was slated to be painted soon.

My wife says my project car needs to go, because we are having another baby. She's probably right, but it hurts to realize it.

I am located 25 miles east of Atlanta, GA.

Stephen, 678.475.7250
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