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For Sale: 1965 Mustang Coupe (347 with 4 speed)
Located in Atlanta, Ga
$18,000, price negotiable
Serious Inquiries only
Message me if interested.
More pics are available if needed.

Fully restored in 2017.
Was originally a V6, converted to V8 by upgrading rear from 4 lug 7.5 rear to 5 lug 8.7
Because it was converted to a V8, all new steering and suspension in front had to be replaced with V8 strength components.
Also, due to the V8 conversion, braking on front needed to go to disk and a dual bowl master cylinder had to be put in.
The car came with a 3 speed and I upgraded it with a new rebuilt 4 speed
The floor pans were replaced and a lower seat riser was added to the driver side to accommodate for more room between the knees and the steering wheel.
The underside of the body was taken down to the metal, primed, and then sprayed with bedliner paint for a durable finish.
The seats were added due to the original seats not locking in place. The new seats lock in place so that they do not fold forward without the release.
The entire care was sanded down to the metal and then primed with Epoxy primer, then a final coat was added.
All of the weatherstripping, body seals, and felt seals were replaced.
The interior was completely redone with all new parts
The radio was deleted from the dash and moved to the custom center console
All of the wiring in the car was brittle, so it was all removed and replaced
All lights have been replaced and added LED lights to the gauge bezels for the turn signals and headlight beams (high mode)
All of the emergency brake mechanism is new
All of the bolts/screws/fasteners are new or repainted (Used only 8 grade bolts)
Replaced hood from another 1965 mustang due to the old hood had holes from a scoop
Everything that could be used original was used, but everything else was replaced with new parts.
Seat belts were added, although not a requirement.
All original glass except for windshield, due to it cracking when it was removed.
Added exhaust reinforcement plates under back seat (only GT's had this)
Added vinyl stripes front to back

Next steps for new owner:
Add AC (can be done for about 1500)
Add Heater (Can be done for about 350)
Put in a 8" posi traction rear end
Add sun Visors

New Windshield (all other glass is original)
New handles and window rollers front and back (window mechanics are still original)
New Dashpad
New Glove compartment door
Custom made center console
New Steering wheel (Horn switch was relocated to center console)
New top hats for cowl vents
Seats were replaced with 95 mustang GT seats
Rear seat was re-upholstered
New Door Panels
Rear panels are original, but covered
New Gauge panel
New Carpet
New One piece headliner from TMI
New speedhut gauges
All new wiring (front to back)
Added new seat belts, front and back
New Hi Beam switch
Original Pedals but new pedal pads
New brake like switch
New headlight switch
New ignition switch
New Windshield Wiper switch (No windshield washer)
Windshield wiper motor is original
New AC/Heater bezel (not hooked up)
Rear window handles are new but need a set screw added to keep them in place
New Emergency brake handle
New turn signal handle
New Ash tray
Added exhaust reinforcement plates under back seat

New Radiator Cross member, front valance and back valance (all other body panels are original
New paint
New Weatherstripping on doors and trunk
New Gas tank and sending unit
New Headlight bezels
New tail lights
New turn signal lights
Added backup lights and switch on transmission
All interior body panels were resealed and painted prior to carpet
New floor pans
Added subframe connectors
Underbody was painted with bedliner paint
New Battery tray
New front bumper
New rear bumper
New Hood Hinges
New emblems (running mustang, mustang, and Ford letters on hood)

Added disk breaks to front, replaced all mechanisms for rear drum brakes
New dual bowl master cylinder with distribution block
New leaf springs
New Rear shocks
New front shocks
New control arms
New tie rod ends
New pitman arm
New torsion bars
Sway bar is original
New Emergency brake cables/linkage

New Tires
New Torque Thrust wheels (no spare)

Blueprint 347 (around 440HP) with less than 300 miles, still in breakin period
Holley 4 barrel (600)
Machined polished pulleys
Champion 3 row aluminum radiator
Hedman Headers
New (Rebuilt) 4 speed toploader with new Hurst shifter and linkage
8.7 Rear end from 1976 Ford Versailles
Dual Exhaust with Hedman Headers and Flowmaster mufflers with X pipe
New Clutch
Driveshaft is original
New Alternator
New Flex Fan
New Voltage Regulator
New Solenoid
New Starter
New Battery


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