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Still desperately searching for my first car, a 1965 Ivy Green Mustang Convertible with 289 and 4 speed, black top and black interior. Vin Number is 5F08C710315. The most recent title information I have found is that it was last titled in 1998 in Pennsylvania as a vintage car. There has been no known title change or registration change according to all my searches. That suggests that this vehicle belongs to a collector some where in Pennsylvania and is sitting in his/her vintage car collection. There is a nice "finder's fee" for anyone who is willing to help me locate this vehicle. I would at least like to know and talk to the owner and, of course, buy the vehicle back should the present owner be willing to sell it back to the original owner. It had a factory installed "rally pac" installed (and it is not a GT) and a unique 45 rpm record player mounted under the dash. Any help in locating this vehicle would be greatly appreciated.

Doug Patton/[email protected]/865-804-2228

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