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I have a really nice coupe that I have to sell. I wish I could say - hey swmbo is clamping down on me, but that would be too easy. As you can see from my sig, I have a disease. This may be my first step toward growing up :(

Its on ehay right now. I have more complete array of pics at
also the floor repairs from 2001 are at

I f-ed up at sears point running with NASA using this car in March of '02 but it was minor and I fixed it properly. those pics are at

I have used this car for many experiments with suspension setups and the one I have on there now (TCP uppers/TCPrack/ST-LLC Strutrods) is the right stuff. Its truly a joy to drive as many of you may have heard in my incessant ramblings since I joined this board.

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