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1965 Mustang Dash Cluster metal frame color code

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Does anyone know the correct White Paint color code for a 1965 Mustang dash cluster background paint. I would prefer the concour color but am not willing to use a rattle can white such as Krylon Flat white. I am looking for a supplier of 8oz/16oz to a pint for use in a spray gun. Where can I buy such a small quanity? I suspect this was a lacquer base paint with the black masked also in lacquer. I need to spray the white on the panel behind the gauges and also on the front panel before the plexiglass cover. The front cover has the black masked area. What do the restoration shops use? I am trying to restore a 1965 GT or 1966 5 guage dash cluster. :)
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The exact paint? Spray can flat white would nail it. The critical item is the location of the blackout portions of the diffuser. These are there to prevent bright areas on the night lights.
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