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1966 Convertible door that isn't

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I'm redoing the interior on my 66 and everything was going great until the last part; putting the door panels on. I bought the interior kit from CJ so eveything matches. The issue is the door doesn't appear to be from a 66 or the panels are wrong. The holes on the panels are further from the edges than the original and the clip don't match up. Any idea how I can fix this? I was thinking about drilling new holes for the clips on the panels, but that's a dangerous proposition. I was also thinking about redrilling new holes in the door, but it looks like, on some of the holes, there is nothing but air to drill through.
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Post a photo of the door with the interior panel removed.
I created a template too. You have to look close, but the pin holes line up with the holes in the door and the bigger holes are from the new door panel
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The clips should drop in the hole in on the panel, then Slide Over about 1/2 inch gripping the cardboard of the panel. That should line up the pins with the door.
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Yep, should but don't. They don't line up
It looks, by the date code stamped into the door, you have an original 65-66 Ford door. I would return the door panels and get a different set.
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Does the profile of the new panel fit the door stamping profile? Obvious question....did you keep the OEM panels to compare? I don't see the holes being that far off that repositioning the clips won't suffice, but then, there have been many discussions here regarding the quality of CJ's products. If you can't work this out, return them and go to NPD. If you are hesitant to return due to a color difference , you'll need to get creative?
You're likely sliding the clips into the holes and facing them in the wrong direction. If you flip the clip over so they slip onto the curved part of the opening, not the flat, they should line up. 65-66 doors are identical. Or- you have a cheap set of panels from CJ that are made wrong. I've always bought from NPD and never had an issue. (Shameless plug)
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I bought some from CJ and I had the same problem. Luckily my passenger door panel ended up was in good enough shape to just reuse. I tried to contact CJ but no response. I even did a bad review and it was never posted.
Common issue that people run into.. You've installed the clips facing the wrong directions.... They face the opposite direction from which you are installing them...and then they will line up perfectly.. ;)
I can say on the one that did work for me it looked like the carboard backing was punched upside down and then the covering was put on.
thanks for all the suggestions. The issue was with the clips not the panels. I was using the original clips. I found the clips that came with the kit and they are larger and longer. I put those on and everything lined up.
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