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FOR SALE: 1966 Mustang Coupe.
This car is 100% custom, and one of a kind.

302ci with 50,000 miles (email for complete list of engine mods) & professionally rebuilt C-4 with race torque converter shift kit. This car was painted Indigo Ink Pearl ( a 2001 Lexus color code) two years ago. The body is straight with only a few dings that most lay mustangers do not notice. I did the body work. I deleted all the side emblems and moldings (welded the holes in, not bondo). I also added a front custom fiberglass spoiler with integrated fog lamps. Likewise, I upgraded the headlamps to tri-bar halogens for great looks and awesome night visibility! The suspension is completely new with pulyurethane bushings. I put in new upper, lower control arms as well as upraged the front springs (specific rate springs) and the front swaybar. The rear is also upgraded to 5 leaf springs with a swaybar. I just purchased BRAND NEW Torque Thrust II rims. They are 17x8 with 235x45x17 tires. I also tastefully lowered the car to make it handle better. Inside, the Mustang has a new alarm with power doorlocks.... aka ...keyless entry. The dashboard has been removed and the underlying metal smoothed to a show quality finish. Calrion pro CD player... Infinity Speakers.. Auto Meter guages.

There are many more ineterior and exterior mods I can list but I'd rather just e-mail the entire list with the pics. Oh... and this car has no rust!! It has NEVER seen snow.

Here is the bad news.... The front and rear windows need to be re-installed (they leak when it rains) and the carpet and seats are torn.

I'm asking $8,500. But I will negotiate. I have $11,000 invested but about $9,000 in verifiable reciepts.

Serious inquires only.

Pics and full mod list available, just email me or send request to [email protected] OR PLEASE VISIT AND TEST DRIVE!!!
Sacramento, CA, USA.
Sorry, no delivery.
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