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Hey all,
So reading some of the other metal replacement posts has gotten my wheels turning(zippydog, skitzo,etc. You guys are doing impressive work). Basically I'm new to this site but I've been messing with Mustangs for years,primarily 64-66's. I've replaced (successfully) Rockers,torque boxes, floors,etc(on convertibles) as well as rear partial rails, quarters,wheel houses,etc. On all three bodystyles. So My Tetanus shot is current and I'm pretty experienced in terms of metal replacement.LOL. That said Two things I have never done on an early stang is a full front frame rail(I've gotten lucky,although I've done size for size repairs )and a one piece floor(I've always been the type to leave good metal intact and work around it within reason).
Anyhow,I have a car that I am very attached to,it's my first car it is a 66 C code coupe. Sadly I had to sideline the car from useage a few years back because the drivers front rail got really bad rot wise.I don't plan to start until probably next winter (too many other classic Mustang projects) .My plan Is to get the car as light as I can(pull sheetmetal,drivetrain,suspension,you name it), get it supported in a a ton of spots on the body and level . I was then going to remove and replace the rail. The fender aprons are in really good shape as well as the shock tower, radiator support and front crossmember so I wanted to leave all of those pieces in place on the car and work around them. So basically I'd love any kind of input from people who have done them on car. I'm the type to pre-think and pre-plan .So I figured it couldn't hurt to put this out here now so I can plot(and shop for parts) my moves. This car will never be a crazy restomod or concours show car,just a nice looking weekend driver.There also won't be any type of hurried time frame as I want to do it right and luckily I have other Mustangs to drive ,so I'll still be able to get my fix.

Next question:

In terms of the actual parts, I have purchased a brand new repo two piece front frame rail.The one manufactured by SMR (Formerly metal tech) CJ sells it under part number M160L. I have heard and read mixed reviews on this part.

I also have two rails that I removed from parts cars,one is a bit iffy(good donor piece?). The other one looks surprisingly good ,although I'm skeptical as to what might be hiding inside of it,after all it came out of a Northeast car.

Then I saw the one piece rail cj part# M363L. I'll assume it's made by Dynacorn. So I'm toying with buying and using this part?

The main thing I've learned about Mustangs over the years is that I have saved soo much money by doing the work myself and the parts are relatively cheap. That I don't mind paying up for the best fitting least hairpulling parts for the job and selling,trading or giving away the stuff I don't need,like this two piece rail. So I think I wrote a long enough post(sorry). But I'd really like to hear any kind of feedback ,pointers, and parts reviews for this job. I didn't address the floors in this post but I have some parts for that area as well. Thanks
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