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1966 K-Code production numbers...

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I was just reading that there were only 5,469 K Code Mustangs produced in 1966. Could that be correct? Sounds WAY low to me. Also, that would mean the almost half were sent to Shelby for the 2,377 or so GT350's in 1966 (give or take a few hundred for the carry over cars).

Just thought that sounded weird...

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It does sound low, but then, but 7,273 were built in the '65 model year. Makes a surviving hi-po pretty unique in either model year.
I don't think there's hard numbers anywhere on K-code production for '64.5 through '66. Using the Mustang Production Guide, I came up with these figures:

'64.5: 1.1% of 121,538 cars = 1,337
'65: 2.8% of 559,451 cars = 15,665
'66: 1.5% of 607,568 cars = 9,114

As always, the disclaimer: These percentages are based on the thousands of samples in the Mustang Production Guide database. While not truly random, the volume of this sampling makes a good guide, and these figures are probably within 5% of actual production numbers.
I thought K codes weren't available until 1965?
NO, they were available starting in about June (IIRC) of 64...
Yes, that is correct. Several years ago I had a chance to buy a 64.5 "K" coupe. The SWMBO gave me the money /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif to buy it. But I ended up passing since I could not hear it running, carb problems IIRC. But I do have the 3.89 gears out of it. /forums/images/icons/cool.gif Long story short, girl lives in trailer, brother-in-law and SWMBO (his) are buying the trailer, girl moves and leaves the chunk of iron in the shed and b-i-l gives it to me. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif fd
I saw that number when I was looking for production figures for my 66. It does seem low to me too. Maybe we read it in the same place. Sometimes I wonder where they get the figures.
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