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1966 Mustang Convertible w/ luxury interior

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I am new here, my first car was a 1976 Cobra II white with red stripes, I have always liked Mustangs, there were some other first generation mustangs in my family. I bought it from a Ford employee in 1978, it had a four cylinder with an automatic transmission and vinyl seats, it looked cool, but it seems that it was one of the worst Mustangs to own. I recently sold my Porsche 911 that I kept for 15 years, and I need something sporty to replace it. I have been searching for about five months for an "original" 76B with dark metallic green paint, I found one with build tag: 76B R 66 31A 74 6. I would have preferred a restored car with a manual transmission, but this is a project car with an automatic transmission.
My car will need: paint, chrome, an interior, a roof and I am not sure what else. I have not seen it, other than the photos. I sent a restoration guy, who will do the work, to look at it and he said there was virtually no rust. The story is that it was a Seattle car and stored in a barn for almost 50 years. I am not sure what to believe. The previous owner rebuilt the engine, replaced the cam shaft, rebuilt the transmission, added front disc brakes with power assist, power steering, a radiator, a fuel tank, new tires and dual exhaust through the valance.
I would like to add fog lights, a console, a passenger mirror, led lights, wheels and a new stereo with speakers plus the restoration part.
Is the hub cap 14"?
Here are some exterior photos:
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Automotive parking light Tire
Tire Car Wheel Vehicle Hood
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle
Car Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Land vehicle Wheel
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