I have a 1966 mustang that I’ve owned since about 2000. It was my first car in highschool and hasn’t been ran since prolly 2003 or 2004. At the time I had a rebuilt motor and new disc brakes with a 5 lug rear end on the back. But with it sitting up all these years I’m sure everything would need rebuilt at this point. Prolly a pretty basic project car.
Full discretion it was in an accident and I’m not sure if the title is recorded as a salvage as the insurance company wouldn’t pay to have it fixed as the shop I took it to quoted it at around $9000 to replace the front fender, valance and bumper with original parts and paint entire car and was only valued at around $5000.
Purchased the car back from insurance company and replaced the damaged parts.
The car has sat for all this time with plans to always get it up and running again but never happened and would like to see it go to someone that could appreciate it.
I have no idea of what it would be worth and just looking for some information. If anyone in the area is interested or has an idea of where to start I can send pictures.