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Willing to part out this system to somebody looking to upgrade their damaged/leaking power steering parts. Prices as follows:

***SOLD***Power steering specific pitman arm: $70 (OEM 75k miles)

***SOLD***Power steering specific center link: $60 (2.5k miles)

***SOLD***Power steering specific idler: $32 (2.5k miles)

***SOLD***Flaming River power steering control valve: $250 (2.5k miles)

***SOLD***Power steering slave cylinder w/ new boots: $95 (2.5k miles)

Control valve to slave cylinder hoses: $35 (2.5k miles)

***SOLD***Power steering pump incl. pulley: $130 (rebuilt, 2.5k miles)

Power steering pump bracket incl. hardware: $100 (sheet metal 289 style)

***SOLD***SMB-K steering box; 67-70 Mustang power steering: $70 (mileage unknown/core)

All parts w/2.5k miles are from Mustangs Unlimited and I’m asking roughly 60% of the new price. They are “AS NEW” condition, working flawlessly.
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