Since I never actually ran this rear end on the street I can't tell you the ratio for sure...but I assume its 2.73(or is it 2.80?) open diff. The rear end came out of a running and driving '67 coupe...I had it under my '66 with late model wheels to roll it around until I installed the new rear end. It comes with Scott Drake mid-eye lowering leafs(new aside from rolling around), new bushings, shackles, mounting bolts, and some cheap KYB shocks(also new). I sandblasted and painted the housing(though not the drums) with epoxy primer followed by a top coat of acrylic enamel...a good coating, but not smooth since I wasn't too worried about it being pretty.

Dusty in the picture(and some of the misc pieces like one shackle, bolts, and shocks aren't in this pic) but there you have it...pretty good deal if you are near middle TN and need a rear end.

P.S. Spacers not included(that might change if this is still around when my new wheels and tires come in)