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For sale is my 1967 GT 500 Eleanor clone.

This car started as a 67 S code fastback. The S code means it was originally a big block 390 car and thats what it has in it now. No rust at all to start with. It was taken down to bare metal, and a full rotisserie restoration was done on it. I have tons of pictures, all the notes, and receipts. Have almost 100k invested over the 7 years it took to restore. This car is a beautiful Eleanor representation. It is almost 100 percent movie accurate too. I added an upgraded stereo and speakers, but other than that it is like the movie car. There is no nitrous tank in the trunk either, but that is never seen in movie.

The car was completed in 2009 to 2010. It is almost 10 years on its restoration. It has less than 400 miles on it and it needs to be driven and enjoyed by someone.

All mechanics have been done over. The engine is a 390 virgin block that was then bored slighty out, and made new. Upgraded many parts, but didnt do a lot of modifications. Aluminum edelbrock intake, 4 barrely holley 750, it has a 4 speed correct toploader. Rear gears are 3.73 I believe ( long time ago now).

The steering and brakes are all manual. I wanted to keep this as a true classic muscle/sports car. I wanted to feel the road, and you do. It is fun to drive but can be upgraded to power steering if one wants. All disc brakes all the way around. Car stops on a dime. Steering is tight and responsive. As should be.

Wheels are ACIII wheels, with spinners. To look exactly like movie wheels.

All body work was done some time ago, and altho it doesn't have a single scratch on it, there is a couple tiny tiny spots that are not perfect, but you need a light and really search. It can be driven and win shows without doing a thing. It needs to be seen in person to appreciated.

The interior is the complete deluxe interior with all brushed aluminum. Everything was done new during restoration.

There is nothing that isnt taken care of. The side pipes are for visual only. The exhaust comes out back but pipes are hidden so as not to be seen.
Upper scoops functional, lower are for looks.

The car runs beautifully and needs nothing. It sounds amazing, and yes its loud.

It also has a fuel cell in the trunk. With fill neck sticking up. The side pillar fill cap is ornamental from movie car and doesnt function. It is filled from trunk. Fuel cell is 16 gallons and added as safety feature on the car.

Sounds just like the movie car.

A lot of blood and tears are in this car. But I am at the point in my life that I just cant keep something that should be used and driven and enjoyed.

There is so much more about the car, but if you are interested please contact me and we can discuss further. I will be happy to show it and test drive with you.

This is a fully restored near perfect vehicle. I will not entertain low ball offers or even return an email or text for a ridiculous offer.

120k is the price. Dont even respond to this ad if your offer is less than 6 figures. Dont waste either of our time please.

And no negative "your crazy at that price" or "you will never sell that" messages. I wil not read or respond to them. If you dont like the car or dont want it just pass on it.

This is a very fair price for a great car that deserves to be enjoyed.
Title in hand. Clear and free. Not a salvage or damaged car.

Contact me for further questions or inquiries.

This car is listed in a couple places also, just fyi. Locally on craigslist.

Thank you.
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